"Norda"service promise:

What we are supplying you is not only the integrated scheme of excellent performance compounding extruder,and product craftwork and equipment technology,but also comprehensive experience of engineering、industrialization and ideal integrated solution.


Before service:

*Introduce the product characteristics in detail,know more about the manufacture requirement;

*We plan the best equioment configuration scheme for you in accordance with your processing and industrial art;

*we provide experimental condition of new industrial art 、new formulation.



In the sale of service:

*we provide public Utilities conditions for the program ,install layout and other relative data.

*communicate and discuss the required technological condition 、screw structure of processing material;

*we will keep you posted on further program development;

* Strictly carry out technical accessories clause to make sure the delivery in time and product quality.



After –service:

*Provide equipment installation guide on the spot、commissioning、pre-post training of operator;

*Creat detailed user service archives,lifelong tracing service;

*Guarantee long-term sufficient supply of spare parts and Free technical advisory services;

*Establish systematism for user return visit ,feedback equipment using information on the spot in time;

* Equipment three guarantees free of charge for one year.