Raw Material Dealing System


As the excellent supplier, Norda always think about our customers, and try to choose the correct raw material dealing system.

1.  High speed mixer




The high mixer is mainly used to the compounding, stirring, drying and dying of plastic, rubber, chemical technology and other different materials.

At the same time, hot-mixed and cold-mixed units could be connected together, the hot-mixed material get into the cold-mixed unit automatically for cold mixing and exclude residual gas.


2. Spiral solid conveyer



This machine could equipped for various kinds of extruders, to make the plastic powder and pellets feed into the hopper automatically from the storing container, the level indicator controls the charging cycling to realize the automatic charge, which has the characteristics of performance stability ,safety and reliability.


3. Vacuum dryer




It can connect charging hopper of host extruder directly to avoid plastic pellets and powder absorb moisture twice; It has the excellent dry efficiency which can increase the injection rate and improve the product quality.


4. Loss-in-weight




It can precisely feed various forms of material status automatically. whatever powder, pellets or liquid materials. The famous K-tron company is our long-term cooperative partner.

We can equip weighing type feeding machine according to customer’ specific requirements, which can quantitatively and precisely feed multi group materials according to formulations.


5. Forced feeding system




Some comparative light material like film, plastic fragments and plastic powder and so on.

We design different kinds of feeding machines according to different materials.


6. Side feeding system




In order to reach excellent plasticizing and mixed effect, we design different kinds of feeding methods according to different materials. Such as two-stage side feeding machine, bypass feeding machine, liquid filling and so on.