Electrical Control Cabinet System








Electrical control system

Operation panel install display board, electric current is equipped with PLC programmable device, which can directly show working status of extruder, temperature control system, failure warning and other parts;

Temperature control system adopt with contactless solid-state relay and“Omron”A.I. instrument, two channels, PID parameter tuning, heater circuit directions such functions;

Main components:

Host speed regulator for the Japanese " YASKAMA" brand AC frequency converter;

Feeder speed control device for the Japanese "YASKAMA" brand AC frequency converter;

Host temperature control system used in Japan ”Omron” brand high precision artificially intelligent instrument;

Soft water system  Electromagnetic valve adopts USA "VMI" brand products;

Wiring terminal board adopt “Felix” brand products;

Electronic instrument parts are all used the French “Schneider” brand name products;

Host interlock protection:

Host and gear box oil pump interlock protection;

Host and feeder interlock protection, host fault, feeding machine namely stop, the feeding machine malfunction, host delay stop;

With melt pressure and melt temperature display, which interlock with the host and melt pressure to achieve overpressure protection;

The main motor current host interlocking, realize over-current instant protection;

Control cabinet:

Electrical cabinets spacious interior, layout reasonable, maintenance convenience, safety, well ventilated, dustproof effect is good;