TDY Series Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruders







Counter-rotating twin screw extruder


Technical characteristics

◆ Both screws and barrels designed according to building block principle,TDY series extruders have unique working principle and performance compared to other extruders.

◆ Host series specification

¢40mm — ¢135mm,TDY series extruders model-was clearly defined A&B series according to different rotary speed and torque class.

◆ Controllable calender effect between screws

Making TDY extruders running at higher speed with expecting using-life. 

◆ Special elongation flow effect

Making dispersion and distribution stronger with weak shea-ring force to avoide the overheating.

◆Effective shearing force distinguishes co-rotating extruders

Completely to transfer the un-uniform shearing force between screws to the screw tip clearance between screws and barrels,therefore to avoid overheating and also to save energy consumption greatly.