TDW Series Reciprocating Single Screw Extruders






Reciprocating single screw extruder


Technical characteristic

◆TDW series reciprocating single screw extruders with excellent mixing capacities and complicated motion are a kind of effective compounding machine.


The barrel is split,there are 3-raw pins that are precisely located according to 3-D movement regulation.

◆Complicated motion principle

The screw will reciprocate once along the axle while the screw have a revolution.Grooved screw elements and the pins move in 3-D trace in the small gap.therefore there will be high effective functions such as shearing and streaming,distributing compounding,dispersion compounding and self-clearance.

◆The segment style of screw elements and barrels are good adaptability.Easy to clear for maintenance and material change because of split barrel.

◆Excellent self-clearance and reasonable stay time distribution functions.

◆Precise temperature control units

Melt pump or single screw extruders is necessary for extrusion.Cramming feeding is needed.

Product Name:
Reciprocating Single Screw Extruders