Compounding Extrusion Units


1.TDS series co-rotating twin screw extruders are mainly applied in polymer processing:

To meet the increasing demand form new materials and process,Norda has provided and is providing more new technology and products according.


2.TDY series counter-rotating twin screw extruders typical applications:

WPC processing

Degassing and devolatilization

Reaction extrusion

PVC processing

PET direct extrusion without pre-dry


3.TDS/TDD series two-stage compounding extrusion line


PVC,zero halogen cable ,wood-plastic ,EVA,silane crosslink cable ,XLPE cable and high concentration carbon black masterbatch and rubber-plastic dewatering process and pelletizing


4.TDD-P series venting single screw extruders


TDD-P series extruders are mainly used to process the melt with venting or vacuum sucking function for recycling pelletization and products extrusion ,typically including polyolefin

and engineer recycling pelletization,engineering plastic direct extrusion of films,sheets,pipes and profiles,such as PET、PA、PBT、ABS、PC etc.


5.TDW series reciprocating single screw extruders

Typical application:

High quality and high percent pigment color masterbatch and filling(carbon balck content may reach more than 50% and mineral filling content may reach 90%),shield material,crosslinkable PE、PVC cable、powder coating etc.


6. Plastic sheets/plates/films extrusion 


PET sheet production line(APET,PETG,CPET)

Direct extrusion system without pre-dry

Form bottle chip to sheets

More thickness range : 0.2~4.5mm

Composite extrusion :A/B/C OR A/B/A composite sheets


Thermoforming sheet production line


Transparent sheets: PC/PMMA/PET Thickness 0.2~5mm

Package sheets:PS/ABS/PP/PE Thickness 0.2~20mm


MDO/TDO film production line

MDP/TDO film are commonly made from PLA、PETG 、PVC、PE、PS、PP and other materials.The thickness could be from:0.04~0.1mm


Special cast film production line

The special cast films include fine matte/fine velvets and other forsted extruders that are mostly used in printings and optics.


PC SERIES- thickness from 0.05~0.1mm

PETG SERIES- thickness from 0.05~0.1mm